Covid-19 has impacted the way we teach, learn and live. Schools around the world have closed, many teachers are moving towards online teaching, supportive parents and children virtually. However, the importance of relationships, developmentally-appropriate practice and the need to support one another in trying times has not changed. At Kloud Academy, we believe in the importance of quality education for young children. Education that is accessible and affordable is one of the keys to success for any child. Here are a few tips to help you during this transitionary period.


Developmentally-Appropriate Practice is Vital

Regardless of the format, tailoring live or pre-recorded online sessions to the age and stage of children’s development is important but even more so, during virtual sessions. Sometimes children may not be able to speak directly to you and will definitely not be able to physically be near you. That is why, developing activities that are highly interactive, tailored to best practice with clear curriculum goals is important. Even with pre-recorded sessions, asking questions, giving children watching time to reflect, choose their materials, location or find a hidden treasure in their house can make all the difference.


The Holistic Development of the Child

At Kloud Academy, we believe in the whole child! Our teachers support children by focusing on all areas of development, especially, socio-emotional skills. During this time of uncertainty, the mental, social and emotional health of children could be negatively impacted. Children’s normal routine will have been affected, they may not be able to go out with their friends, attend school or even go on their normal shopping routine. It is important to offer activities and a safe space for children to be that, children! A place, whether online or offline, where they can play, engage in activities such as Yoga, Drama, Dance, Singing, Circle Time and traditionally academic subjects such as Math and Literacy.


Your Development is Important Too

Don’t forget that teacher burnout is very real, but then again, how could you! As teachers, we are always on the go, supporting parents and children, answering questions, planning, thinking or assessing. However, without good health, you wouldn’t be able to do all of the above effectively. It’s a time of learning, if you’re creating pre-recorded videos, be patient with yourself, research and think of ways to adapt learning opportunities for your new online learning environment. Get feedback and trust in your ability as a teacher who wants the best for all children.


It’s about quality, except when it comes to homemade videos!

Remember, when creating your online pre-recorded or live videos, don’t get to bogged down by the quality of the video! Quality is important, for example, having adequate lighting and an external microphone (using your phone or microphone from Amazon) is important, however the children will remember you most of all and how you made them feel!


We believe in you, you’ve got this! Become a teacher with Kloud Academy Today: set your earning capability and get started in seconds!

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