We have a golden opportunity to focus on basic life skills, socio-emotional activities and the well-being of our future, our children! Many parents are stressed, worried about their children’s academic futures and also trying to grapple with a new way of living. It’s understandable, we’ve never been in a position like this before, it’s all new but even still, an opportunity exists!

Life and socio-emotional skills are essential to building an academic foundation but even more importantly, vital to positive mental health. Have you ever met someone who was incredibly smart but had absolutely no social skills? What about the guy who can’t make eye-contact, doesn’t understand jokes or can’t cook to save their lives? We all know someone like this and if you don’t, well…

What do I mean by life skills and socio-emotional activities that facilitate positive mental health? Learn how we’re making life-skills and socio-emotional activities available to parents and children here.

In the meantime, here are some life skills examples:


Yoga can calm anxiety, alleviate stress and help children grapple with complex problems.


Knowing how to do the laundry, make your dinner or keep your garden in order are all learnt behaviours. No one is born knowing how to plant flowers or use a washing machine.

life skills

Movement: Dance and Drama

Children love to move, sometimes, to the detriment of adult’s psyche. We can’t understand why they can’t just rest for a few minutes. You may hear parents say the following about their children, “he never stays still” or “she’s always asking me to watch her perform a dance show” or “shhhhhh.”

Thus, providing children, the opportunity to move and exercise gives them freedom to express themselves, the opportunity to learn about their bodies and the environment. Some therapists have falsely labelled active children with no outlet with ADHD or other disorders when all the child needed was an outlet to be themselves while doing something active that they loved. So, indulge your child when you can, why not organise an in-home dance party, puppet show or play with your children!

Storytelling, using puppets can also be an amazing way to encourage children to express their fears, thoughts, hopes and dreams, we’ve written more on this here.

Additionally, we know some parents are still working, trying to provide educational activities for 8 hours a day is not possible and certainly not needed! However, the opportunity to spend time with our children, encourage them to engage in activities that will stand to them throughout their lives can be capitalised on during this time. Here are some science experiment activities that you can do within the home.

In response to Covid-19, we have developed, Kloud Academy, a life-skills and socio-emotional activity platform for children. We’re calling it Netflix but for young kids. We have gathered content from expert teachers around the world on topics such as:


  1. Yoga
  2. Dance
  3. Drama
  4. Circle Time
  5. Literacy
  6. Science Experiments
  7. Puppetry


These videos have been designed to be done by the child independently or with the whole family! We’re launching soon, join us in our mission to provide high-quality education to children on www.kloudacademy.com

life skills


Remember to take care of yourself too!